Tiny But Mighty?

I started getting into fitness in 2017 after a very special LARP (Live Action Roleplay) called Witcher School. I wanted to get fitter before the next edition, so I started doing push-ups and planks in my bedroom. After a few months, I started to attend classes at the local gym. As much as I enjoyed the process of pushing myself, working out still felt like a chore - something I had to do in order to become fitter.

But I held on and as I became better, I also became more interested in the different types of exercises and how to do them safely and efficiently. But the gym classes were limited in terms of margin of progress, so I started to look at other things. I found CrossFit and although it looked quite intimidating, I decided to give it a go. I got hooked on quickly. Yes it was very hard, but so interesting! There seemed to be a lot to learn on a technical as well as on a personal level.


Because of the intensity of the training, I had to change my nutrition and for the first time in my life I actually paid attention to what I was eating. I started to do some research and to experiment with food to create the best conditions for my body to show me what it’s capable of. There started a long learning process, slowly moving through a pre-existing unstable relationship with food and negative body image.

That unexpected path is bringing me teachings of all sorts.

I am learning about self-control, discipline, pushing my limits and getting out of my comfort zone, falling and getting back up. It teaches me about resilience, patience, the importance of mindset and the dangers of ego. It shows me that slow progress can turn into big results over time and that hard work pays off. 

I want to write publicly about my experiences, because on my journey, I am inspired by many different people who are writing about theirs. About their successes but also their failures. The journey is not always pretty, we're not always clever, we make mistakes. But sharing the ugly as much as the shiny is what makes it relatable.
I still consider myself as a beginner. I don't have lessons to give. I don't pretend to know any better than anybody else, but I am growing and learning. And if my experience can help other people along the way, then it’s definitely worth sharing.

Weightlifting Crossfit Competition

Four at War Competition, August 2019

📷 Emma Dyas

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