More than just fitness

A story of dedication, consistency, self-development, community and love for CrossFit.

Being social and calories

I love food, alcohol and sharing it with people. But can one be a healthy fit hedonist? "I had a few month free from 'feeling fat' but indulgent holidays and weekends away ended up in a significant weight gain. My jeans are way too tight and it makes me feel bad. The problem is I can’t drastically reduce my daily calorie consumption because I’m still eating to train, and I train quite a lot. I know the obvious solution is to be careful with sugar - aka deserts and alcohol - w

"Overdoing it"

After falling into overindulging again and feeling awful for it, I am trying to find out why it happened and what needs to change. I had another weekend of “overdoing it”. It was a long weekend away from home, with a lot of drinking and a lot of delicious-very-high-in-calories foods. I was happy while eating it, I felt no guilt whatsoever. In my bliss there was no moderation. Looking back, I can identify a pattern: “It's your cheat time so eat what you can because you don't k