More than just fitness

A story of dedication, consistency, self-development, community and love for CrossFit.

That's where growth begins

Why can’t it ever be easy? In this article I reflect on hard work and why we need to voluntarily go to those uncomfortable places.

Let's talk about habits

Everyday we make the choice to align with the type of person we want to become. Whether your goals are fitness related, weight loss, starting a new project… the method is the same. To achieve something we don’t have now, we need to make changes. Unfortunately nothing comes by just wishing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But it needs to be thought through. What type of person do I aspire to be? What does successful me look like? Is my lifestyle aligned with what I want to

Reflection on competition

Triggers, self-worth and why I need to change my mindset around competition or not do it. I never knew I was competitive until I started CrossFit as a sport. When my first opportunity to participate in a competition came up, I was faced with the fact I REALLY wanted to do well, and well in that context meant better than others. I put so much pressure on myself that the anticipation made me nervous almost to the point of being sick, and although I had fun during the day, it le