That's where growth begins

Why can’t it ever be easy? In this article I reflect on hard work and why we need to voluntarily go to those uncomfortable places.


Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what we need to improve that we can't see progress and appreciate how far we've come. Hitting a new technical difficulty in CrossFit is always hard. Just when you think you are getting better, a new weakness shows up. I suppose it is part of the fun, there is so much to learn that you never get bored. But with the wrong mindset, a new difficulty can easily turn into "oh look, another thing I suck at!". I see it in a lot of people at

Small victories

About 4 months after starting CrossFit, I am starting to see progress. Small improvements but huge moral boost. Hard work pays off. Snatch After feeling quite down for not being able to do a single bloody Power Snatch (trying so many times, failing, getting frustrated), I finally got some correct ones! Only with 25kg but I did quite a few and I am starting to understand (that's a big word) how the lift works. We had a coach I never had before and she insisted on the tension i

Being a beginner

Dealing with ego and realising it's ok to suck at something you just started. Low self esteem day. It could have been triggered by something else, but it was CrossFit today. The WoD was entirely based on weightlifting and it requires technique. I struggled and had to stay on a very low weight because I couldn't get the technique right on hang power cleans and push jerks. I know I am still very new to CrossFit and have a lot to learn, but not being able to get things right fel