"Don't get too bulky"

A sentence I've heard so many times, especially since I started to train with heavier weights than the 6kg kettlebell from the gym.

Strong woman. Photo by Alora Griffith.

I used to dismiss the comment and laugh, replying that I wasn't going to become the Hulk. But there is no denial, as I get stronger, my body is changing.

I had a small body image crisis today. It started with a comment from my coach after training, followed by a good look in the mirror back home.

“Look at Manon's shoulders! She’s ripped! What's going on?”

At first I took it as the compliment it was, I am working hard and it is starting to show on my body. But very quickly I remembered the voices of all the people who told me when I started training to “be careful not to get too bulky”, that “a female body is nice toned, not muscular”.

I talked to my housemate who had two good points:

The first was: “You seem to be doing alright, you do what makes you happy. Don't try to make people happy it will never work”.

The second was about being attractive by embodying who we are instead of trying to be what we think people want. And by doing that also attracting the right people who are attracted by what you are.

I have to embody the strong woman that I'm becoming, even if it means fighting against what people think I should be.

Wonder woman meme. Blocking out the hater.

I need to make peace with the fact my body is changing, and acknowledge that it is a good change. Then it will be easier to wear my muscles with pride.

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