Entering a new lifestyle

A few months into CrossFit, I am noticing changes in my life. Workout or nutrition, I face my first victories and my first obstacles.

blossoms - entering a new lifestyle

As I go into a more intense rhythm of training (4-5 times a week) and let my life slowly be shaped by my sessions, I am discovering that fitness is more than “popping to the gym after work”, it’s a lifestyle.

My nutrition has changed, I’m reducing carbs a lot, eating more vegetables and more proteins. I drink more water, and have mostly said goodbye to processed food. I’m trying to shape it into a daily routine, making it a habit and not a diet.

I’ve started taking supplements (Fish oil, ZMA, Vitamin D, MSM and glucosamine, Rhodiola rosea and Ginkgo). My body is submitted to intense training and I have to make sure it has everything it needs to stay strong. I am trying stuff out and only vaguely know what I'm doing, but so far this winter I've got a lot of energy and a bullet proof immune system. I also sleep a lot more than I use to, I now try to always have 8h a night.

This new lifestyle involves a lot of body care, which is quite a new thing for me.

The psychological impact is also as big, if not even bigger than the physical.

About nutrition

I have to walk on the fine line between keeping a healthy diet by planning meals and being a food nazi and blaming myself every time I eat something "bad".

About the training

Especially in CrossFit, training is about accepting the challenge. It is a whole new level of workout difficulty. In classes at the local gym I was top of the class, "the fittest bird". In CrossFit I am an absolute beginner and every time I watch others, it reminds me that I am not that fit. Most days I walk to the box with butterflies in my stomach, wondering if I am going be able to follow the WoD. Sometimes I feel really small and weak when I can't do 6kg wallballs or finish a simple workout everyone else seem to be fine with. Sometimes I leave the box feeling not good enough.

That is when I have to remember that I’m not in competition with others, I’m in competition with myself. My goal is not to be the "fittest bird" of the gym, my goal is to be a better version of myself.

Sometimes I forget that I should leave my ego at the door and never compare myself with others.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we are all training to improve, to push our limits, to become stronger than we were the day before. It is going to be challenging and triggering, but without challenge there is no growth.

Sometimes we're gonna win, smash the WoD and feel stronger than ever, pumped for the next training day. Sometimes we’re gonna fail, be disappointed in ourselves, frustrated, feeling like we’re never gonna make it. Those are the times we have to make sure to come back the following day. As long as you hang on, you’re growing, even if it feels like a bad week.

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