Oops I overdid it again

A work seminar and a story of pasties and sugar.

Meme: too much want

It is 2:30 in the morning. I've been tossing and turning in my bed for almost an hour now. Today was a work related seminar and I had at least 6 coffees, two redbulls, alcohol and ate A LOT of things mostly made of sugar. 

So naturally, I woke up with a bad stomach, unable to go back to sleep, wondering why I'm doing that to myself.  I eat clean most of the time and I don't starve my body. I mostly have what we could call a healthy balanced diet. But as soon as I do things outside of my routine - like week-ends abroad - I over indulge. I feel like pasties, biscuits and sugary drinks are allowed because it's “exceptional”. And because it's exceptional, I might as well “make the most of it”. So I over do it, to the point of almost being sick.

Meme: one does not simply not eat everything in sight

Then comes regret and guilt takes over. I've done that three times the past two months. I guess one has to recognise a pattern before being able to do something about it. It is now time to figure out how to shift it. 

#nutrition #guilt #badday