Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what we need to improve that we can't see progress and appreciate how far we've come.

Heart brain and goals
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Hitting a new technical difficulty in CrossFit is always hard. Just when you think you are getting better, a new weakness shows up. I suppose it is part of the fun, there is so much to learn that you never get bored. But with the wrong mindset, a new difficulty can easily turn into "oh look, another thing I suck at!". I see it in a lot of people at the box and recognise it in myself.

Because I always focus on what needs to be improved, I often forget that some other skills have progressed, slowly but surely. Progress is bound to be slow when you practice a lot of different things, and it can be difficult to see what you have already achieved when your mind is filled with the skills you have to work on.

This is another reason to write things down, keep records of your workouts, even when you are not proud of your performances at the time. When I look back at my first CrossFit journal entries, I can see that when I started I couldn't do 6kg wallballs, now sets of 20 unbroken are fine. The 16kg kettlebell swings were quite hard, now they are the easy bit of the workout. I started with a green band for pull-ups, now I am getting them unassisted.

Weights I now consider "light" seemed incredibly heavy a year ago. This week even thrusters felt a lot easier than they were a few months ago.

Sometimes it's important to list the things that have massively improved to remind ourselves that progress is on its way.

Thinking "ok, what's the next step?" is good, but adding "Look how far you've come!" is equally important.

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